Wednesday, January 16, 2013

100 and 1 Facts About Kate

Let's do it again. I really don't know how to tell about myself. Let it be a list of facts, which I will occasionally update.
Fact 48. I'm in love with ceramics and pottery. I love all kinds of housewares made of clay and porcelain and some day will flood my house with amazing pieces of this craft.
Fact 11. I am terrible procrastinator and crazy workaholic.
Fact 76. I am an "owl". Usually I fail when I have to create something during daylight. But between 1 am and 6 am I may be fantastically productive.
Fact 15. I love flapper culture madly.
Fact 21. I smoked once in my life. I was 10 and didn't like it. I never smoked since that time.
Fact 44. I was hit by a car.
Fact 56. I do yoga. Very occasionally.
Fact 18. I'm a homebody and misanthropist.
Fact 87. I love stitching and making dolls.
Traditional Russian doll Radosteya, or the One-Who-Brings-Joy, and two-headed baby dragon. Both handmade, both give me joy ^__^

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