Saturday, January 19, 2013

the Routine

As soon as I'm a terrible procrastinator (see Fact 11) I do hate routines. You know, in Russian the word "рутина" [ru-'ti-na] has mostly negative meaning as something helplessly boring, standard and narrow-minded. A beaten path and mundanity. We often say "gray routine", "boring routine", "escape from routine".

English is more kind to this word. For English-speaking people a routine is a just  sequence of actions, something regular, everyday, often - important. For example, sleeping, breathing and taking food are actually routines ;)

This year I gave myself a resolution to follow routines.

As having rest ;) Do yoga (yes, you, lazy woman, do yoga today!).

Take time to watch a good film. To watch means not to listen to it while working as it usually happens.

I also want make stitching as a daily creative routine.

And to discover new amazing artists on Etsy.

Take pictures and work on them daily to improve my poor photography skills.

To blog ;) If not daily, then weekly at least.

I want my routines to be beautiful, a splash of color, a mouthfeel delight, a emotional bomb. May be it's too much, but still I'm absolutely unwilling to do boring things from day to day and complain about it.

Coffee is one of my beautiful routines I never wanted to escape ;)


  1. i think in greek,
    the word routine,
    has the same meaning
    with the russian...!

    i hope you will follow
    all your (good) routines
    through the year!

    and beautiful ceramic cup!

    glad to find you!

    1. I believe that's because it came to our native languages from French and it had already carried this negative connotation. Languages are so beautiful! So interesting sometimes to compare them...

      Glad to find you too ;) and thank you for the encouragement!

      upd: the cup traveled to my house all way from Montenegro. I adore it.

  2. awww, i enjoyed reading your post, perhaps because i can relate to some of these routines.... coffee is one:)

  3. I laughed when I read the bit about listening films while doing something else. I do that a lot sometimes.

    Resently I have had very similar thoughts about routines. I need good routines. (Or beautiful routines as you say, that sounds better.) Certain things at certain time. Like walks, good food, reading and creative things.