Saturday, January 26, 2013

Woman in the Kitchen

Some friends of my hate housework. I can't say I love it. Sometimes cleaning or washing clothes it's a great pain in the ass waste of time for me, especially when I have a bunch of orders underway. Usually I have real mess around my working space, and since my working space is all over the house, it's total disorder everywhere my foot may tread.

But if I have some spare time, I'd rather spend it in the kitchen, because (Fact 67.) I love cooking. It's, you know, like a mystery - you are standing over the pot and making something and feel like a witch or a magician ^__^ . It's a creative process too, by the way ;) For example, I have several proved recipes which I know for sure to be perfect - they are always perfect and always a little different, with some new hint of flavor. One of my professors at high school once said the if you give same products to 5 different women and ask them to cook, say, guacamole, they will make 5 different pots of mole for you. "Because it's your inner energy!" he said.

I'm not a vegetarian, though I prefer to have some vegetables to fatty animal food. I adore baking, it's like a big beautiful world for me and when/if(?) I have my own kitchen with good oven I will do as much baking as possible ;)

May be it will sound strange, but I cook mostly for my husband and usually do not eat the food I prepared. I drink coffee and tea, eat fruits and salads, sometimes, cereals and boiled eggs.

These are wonderful vegan cookies I really love to make. Hopefully, I will share the recipe soon ^__^


  1. your cookies have lovely shapes
    i love to bake too and cooking!

  2. I love their shapes too! I have an old plastic cookie cutter (have no idea how to describe it, later will show some pics), my GrandMa used it for ages to make cookies ;)

    *Yay, we are little kitchen witches! the good ones! ^__^*

  3. I wish I would feel the same way about cooking as you do...
    Maybe one day the miracle might happen...?
    Yummy looking cookies!