Sunday, July 21, 2013

fall in the midst of summer

I's a beautiful mood here, a cool summer. For a (fact 12) fall addict like me, it is perfect. I can't remember when I last had a summer as this - rainy, easy, little bit lazy and relaxing. I'm literally enjoying every minute of it.

Watched this film today. Didn't know it is graphic novel adaptation actually. It was surprisingly good, almost like most dramas based on Japanese manga novels.

I went mainstream and made this necklace and pendants organizer the other day. Jack cut a branch for me and hammered a couple of nails. I covered the branch with water based varnish and hanged it from jute threads. Looks like woodland comes into my life ^__^

Love these hand sculpted cups and these speckled dishes.
Plan to make another home update and make a dream-catcher like this.


  1. funny weird movie :)
    beautiful organizer
    and lovely ceramic picks!

    1. I plan to watch it once more, in English, because the translation to Russian was a tremendous fail. They spoiled all the humor ;)