Friday, February 15, 2013

mid-February key take-aways

February started fabulously lazy and it still is ;)

I have
- totally neglected my Etsy-shop and embroidery;
- had some good sleep (sometimes even a little too much);
- saw my beautiful friend in Sevastopol and had a great time at her Pre-Valentines party (pics later);
- finally finished re-rooting my petite Blythe doll hair (yes, I'm obsessed and I got one, tiny baby ;) );
- celebrated the first anniversary of the PocketsOfArt (a collective shop I belong to)
- and - ta-daaaam! - two days ago I bought the aquarium!

For two days I was up to my eyes with it. I'm a complete newbie in fishkeeping, actually. Yes, I have a paradise fish and a betta, but the jars these two miserables live are far from being an aquarium. So of course, I made a couple of darn mistakes, but hopefully it is not too awful. I planted some nice plants, and even played some aquascaping with a small mangle snag and a couple of rough stones. Some pictures within a few days, the tank is not ready for a photo session yet.

My husband wants a flock of cute little neon fishes, so be it. Unfortunately, my Pod, the paradise fish, is too big and aggressive for them. I'm getting myself ready to let him go. So sad...

My darling Pod, the Paradise fish. My first victim ^__^ (pic by Tori Tokabari)


  1. Oh my what a pretty photo this is!
    What? Are you letting him go??
    What's going on?

    Well, seems like lots of good things going on in your life
    no matter how lazy you feel :)

    Looking forward to seeing some photos!

  2. what a pretty fish!
    where will you leave it?

    and i feel that my february
    is kind of lazy too : )

  3. Yoko, Evdolia, I read a lot about the paradise fish and I know that they are very aggressive and may kill smaller fish or beat them. that's why I might have to give it to some kind person with larger tank. But At the moment I'm starting to think about a small-small tank for him. He doesn't need a large amount of water to live comfortably. Besides, I still have a tiny hope that he won't beat anyone. He is very shy and nervous.

    Ahhh, taking pictures of aquarium make me angry and helpless. It is so hard! So many problems, especially lights (too bright bulb, good for plants, not very - for taking pics), and the fish and shrimps are moving all the time :)