Friday, February 8, 2013

Old lady

This is my beautiful sewing machine. It is hand operated which is perfect for my small patterns. My father found it and fixed it up and then gave it to me. It saves me a lot of time, because earlier I had to sew everything by hand. And now I have much more time for embroidery ;)

She turns the scale at 15 kilos, so it's pretty heavy as compared to some modern sewing machines, but still, she is very reliable, she can sew anything ;)  It's made in 1956, and all covered with many scratches. Dad also had to fix the wooden support with screws.

My good old Podolsk sewer.
P.S.: I bought a Betta splenden today ;) It's a beautiful red male with gorgeous veil tail. I hope to make some pictures and show my new treasure soon.


  1. she's truly gorgeous, like royalty :-)

  2. Wow she is gorgeous and shiny! You are so lucky! I recently found an old singer but it's in such bad condition it can't be used.

  3. pretty old lady!
    and i like this pink heart pin up there : )

  4. Awesome! And don't we love our dads? :)
    Looking forward to seeing betta. They are beautiful.
    Always wonder why they are kept in such a small jar at pet shop though...

  5. Thank you for the compliments to my sewing machine ;)

    April, may be your Singer needs to see a "doctor"? Mechanical sewers are real survivors, sometimes they just need some repairs, may be a part changed and can work 50 years more.

    Evdokia, awww - I love the heart pins too ^__^ And they are very long and pretty sharp, so I'm over the moon about them ;)

    Yoko, yes, dads are awesome ^_^ About bettas - they are kept in small jars because the bettas have an organ known as the labyrinth organ which allows them to breathe air at the water's surface. So they do not need a lot of oxygen IN the water to breathe. That's why they can survive even in a very small jar. Besides in the petshops they do not have enough space to put all the bettas in larger water areas - the male fish has to be separated from each other or they will fight all the time. Obviously, 1 oz of water is a torture for this pretty fish, but even 5 liters will do, if he will live there alone. In a larger aquarium he would anyway find a corner to dwell and will hardly go far from his "home". I'm planning to find him a small square aquarium for better outlook ;)

  6. It has so much personality. Beautiful machine.

    Just makes me think about everything it's been through. And after all that hard work it has come to you to sew little creatures! So sweet :)