Sunday, March 31, 2013

Last Sunday

Gosh, I'm sooooo lazy!

March was such a strange month. I was doing something all the time, meeting friends, taking pictures, updating shops and stitching orders... But at the moment I feel like haven't done anything - I see no results ((( This is really such a distracting feeling, because I realize I'm tired - and I cannot understand why.

I discovered Ane Burn. She is an amazing singer and author, and her cover of the "Big in Japan" is the best ever, just the right one, she really captured the feeling of this song.

Well, I watched a bunch of neo-noire movies including D.O.A. (1988 re-make), The Man Who Wasn't There, LA Confidential and Black Dahlia (again and again - adore this film!). I love the Noire for long dialogues and monologues and for the beautiful music.

Oh, and I received my little Neko pincushion! This pincushion was created by Sawako Hayakawa, an artist behind Alleluja. This is a dream come true, no, seriously - I'm mooning over these pincushions for a few years, I didn't even know they are available for purchase ^__^. Neko is amazing, and I hope to have something else too (but it is oh so hard to decide what exactly, everything is totally fabulous!)
Beautiful Neko by  Alleluja

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  1. the pincushion is amazing!
    so cute and beautiful made!
    thank you for sharing the shop's link!!!!

    happy april dear!