Friday, May 17, 2013

indoor gardening

Ok, I'm officially gave in to indoor gardening ;) These are purple basil and spinach - bought them in a supermarket yesterday. In a tiny pot - a handful of seed sprouted and then grew up, poor and weak. I planted them in small pots without dividing the spires. Some of them will die eventually, leaving space for the strongest.


  1. the strongest shall survive!
    can you make pesto from purple basil?

    1. ah, I'm afraid it will be a problem - purple basil make food blue ;) But the scent is amazing! I totally love it with Maazdam cheese, ripe tomatoes and some mayonnaise (I know it bad, but I love this topping!)

      Also I make some kind of a summer drink - hot water, purple basil leaves, lemon juice and sugar. As the water is cold already, I remove the basil leaves, they loose their color, but the drink goes purplish blue. I put it into refrigerator for a while and then drink with some ice cubes. Very refreshing when it is 40'C above zero!

      I never saw green basil here in Ukraine. Only in supermarkets, very rarely and very expensive usually.

    2. thank you for the refreshment tip!
      if i will find some green basil seeds here
      i will send you!

    3. Oh, you are very sweet! I would love to receive such a nature gift from you, seriously.